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Dobbyssignature featured in Digital Development Debates Germany

Digital Development Debates is a magazine published quarterly on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Each issue focuses on a prevailing topic from the development policy sector. This current issue is dedicated to the topic of “food and farming”. In this edition, six selected food bloggers from countries such as, Slovenia, Brazil, USA, Singapore, Botswana – and also Nigeria (Whoop!) were featured.
The whole edition with 29 different contributions includes authors such as Kofi Annan, Vandana Shiva or the German Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development. Without further ado, click here to view delicious bites from various countries. To view the whole contribution, click here.

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  1. Congrats dear! God bless your hustle...Amen.

  2. Congrats dear keep it up.

  3. Dobby Dobbs is shining...keep moving forward babes, more grease.

  4. Congrats hun. I am mighty proud of you.

  5. maryam magaji10/19/2015 5:14 am

    bravo! More greese to ur elbow

  6. Awwww.. This is Great News My One n Only Okpo! So Proud of/ Happy for you! Welldone! Keep Shining.

    1. Haha!!! Okpy'm ! Glad to have you here :D

  7. This is such good news, I'm sure you are highly encouraged. Please keep it up!!Your website is lovely, very good food presentation and photos, it is user friendly and I can almost taste the food in my mouth sef.. Well done.


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