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How to make popcorn on a stove top

Guguru ati ekpa
During my uni days as a student there were lots of things i didn't have i.e a microwave (because i stayed in the school hotel all through and large appliances like that weren't allowed) and most definitely i had NO popcorn machine. The one thing i did have though was a set of pots for cooking. With my portable camp gas, i could make just about anything from delicious homemade meals and pastries without an oven to snacks like popcorn. There was really no need for any fancy machine because my pots could do just about anything. Every now and again, whenever i get a craving for popcorn, all i do is pop some hot buttery salty or sugary popcorn in a pot on a stovetop.....Dazzal! :D. Here's how i do it below. 

How to make Popcorn
• Prep time:
  5 mins
• Cook time: 5 mins
• Total time: 10 mins
• Serves:       2

• 3 tbsp. Vegetable oil
• 2 tbsp. Butter/ Margarine 
• 1 cup popcorn kernels
• ½ tsp. salt or 2 tbsp. sugar

Step 1: The first step is to choose the type of fat you want to use. You could either use cooking oil, margarine or butter which is the most preferable. Using butter gives it a wonderful flavor. You could add this before and after popping. Place the fat you intend using in the pot and let it melt. Pour the melted butter into a separate dish and set aside. 

Step 2: Pour the vegetable oil into the pot and add about 3 kernels into it. Cover the pot and place on the stove burner. Cook over medium heat until the 3 kernels pop. Remove the popped kernels from the pot and add the salt or sugar and the rest of the corn kernels. 

Step 3: Place the pot back on the burner on medium heat making sure the pot is properly covered. Not only does this ensure you don't burn the popcorn, it also ensures all of the kernels pop. Cook while shaking the pot occasionally until the popping in the pot slows down. Take the lid off of the pot to let the steam out and keep the popcorn crisp. 

Step 4: The tastiest types of popcorn are doctored up after popping. All you have to do is drizzle your popcorn with a good quality melted butter and you're good to go. you can use a paper bag to mix the popped corn and butter together. Serve with roasted groundnut and you have your guguru ati ekpa ready. 

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  1. O dobilicios dobby! You're the bomb! Now I can enjoy popcorn anyday,any time. All thanks to you. Kisses!

  2. Perfect recipes for movie night. I will try it and let you know how it turns out. God bless for a lovely blog

  3. Wow I love,will sure try this out,thanks Dobby for sharing

  4. I am definitely gonna try this. My kids love popcorn.

  5. Thanks for the recipe,but my popcorn keeps burning and refused to pop. What could be wrong please?

  6. Hey Dobby, thanks for the recipe. I made this and it was on point, i doctored mine by adding caramel and toasted coconut, it was delicious.

    1. I can imagine that already :). Thanks for the feedback Cheelo.

  7. Replies
    1. Sure! the main corn for popcorn has to be dry.


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