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Nadi's Stuffed Tomato delight

 Happy new month everyone!!! *Dancing jigibambam* Can't believe it's December, the very last month and my favorite month of the year. With the holidays coming in full gear, i figured you might love to add this tasty appetizer to your list of mouthwatering meals to make this season. When momma came up with this recipe some years ago, we really didn't have a name for it so we called it Nadi's tomato delight. So, to keep it coming, my siblings and i had the habit of talking fondly about how tasty "Nadi's delight" is whenever she's within earshot and BAM! she'd make it whenever she had the time to. I guess naming this after her really makes a difference.
Eating tomato raw has lots and lots of health benefits such as; provide essential antioxidants the body needs, helps prevent several types of cancer, good for the heart,hair, skin, bones & kidney...the list goes on and on. You can serve it alone as an appetizer or as a side with any rice dish.

How to make Nadi's stuffed tomato delight
• Prep Time:  
20 mins
• Cook Time: Nil
• Total time:  20 mins
• Serves:       6

• 6 Large tomatoes
• 1 tin sardine
• 3 hard boiled eggs
• ½ small onion
• 3 tbsp. mayonnaise

Step 1: For this recipe, it's always good to use ripe and strong tomatoes. Wash the tomatoes and Slice off the top part (just the way you slice off the top of an orange). 

Step 2: Remove seeds and the inner part of the tomatoes. By now you should have an empty tomato cup

Step 3: In a small bowl, add the sardine (mashed), onion (diced), hard boiled eggs (diced), part of the removed inner tomatoes and mayonnaise. Mix it all together. Use this mixture to fill up the tomato cups and refrigerate. 

Serve chilled! 

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  1. This looks so gud. would give it a try.

  2. This na Chinese something. It is well.

  3. Very nice! I'm definitely giving this a try.

  4. This is one of my favorite food item but I was not knowing the recipe to prepare it my own.I am very happy to see the recipe here. I will definitely try this. And yes Thanks a lot for sharing the recipe.

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