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Introducing "Dobby's Signature Foodie" community

Hi friends! 
I've got exciting news for you! We've just added a new section to Dobby's Signature known as Dobby's Signature "Foodie". Here at Dobbyssignature, we believe wonderful memories start in the kitchen and everyone is a star.
Therefore in this section of the site, our lovely readers would get to showcase their cooking skills in the kitchen by sending in self cooked meal pictures and recipes.
By joining our community, you can submit recipes, pictures of meals cooked by you, rate & review other members recipes, give tips and interact. There'd be updates via 'Room 411' on this section of the site.
To submit, You could send in photos and recipes of your home cooked meals via the Facebook page HERE. Once it's reviewed and it makes the cut, it'd be published. Lets see what makes your cooking style unique!
What are you waiting for? Got Cooking skills? Hop on Board and start sharing.
Thanks for joining!


  1. That's a good invention, Dobby. I hope to share my recipes too. Thanks for the food processor I won at your December giveaway.

  2. Nice development. Food lovers lets key in. hmmmm, wetin i go prepare?

  3. Thanks for this dobby. can't wait to submit mine.

  4. Finally!!! Nice innovation dobby. #cookinggadgetson#

  5. Nice. I hope I get to see it here cos I am not on facebook.


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