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Ukodo recipe (Urhobo yam & plantain pepper soup)

Wadoo!!!! Is it just me or did the weather get chilly all of a sudden. This is the best type of weather for one of my favorite south-south recipes....Ukodo. Usually, this is the type of meal i take and sleep off afterwards under my thick duvet cover while the cold air mixed with the irresistible aroma ukodo leaves the house with brushes through my face and nostrils while i sleep...sweet lazy morning all the way.  
Ukodo is typical spicy traditional breakfast native to the Urhobo tribe of delta state in the southern part of Nigeria. It is simply a pepper soup dish which consists of unripe plantain and yam(sometimes cooked with lemon grass and potash), and is believed to be the perfect companion on a wet cold day. The Itsekiris, also of the Niger Delta call their version Epuru while the igbo version is known as Ji mmiri Oku. When preparing ukodo, i usually prefer the use of goat Goat meat or dried fish because it gives it a nice native taste and smell unlike chicken and cow meat. It's really simple to make as i'm about to show you below.

How to make Ukodo (Urhobo yam & plantain pepper soup pottage)
Prep Time:  
15 minutes
Cook Time: About an hour
Category:    Nigerian soups
Region:       Niger-Delta, Nigeria


•3 medium sized plantain "Unripe"
•4 Large Slices yam
•1 kg Goat meat (with intestine & liver)
•2 cooking spoons Palm oil
•1 small bunch lemon grass/ scent leaves
•2 tbsp. crayfish/ dry prawns
•1 teaspoon dried pepper
•2 seeds "Iwo/Erhe (itshekiri) - Dry roast and set aside
•1 seed Gbafilo
•2 Uda Uwentia “Negro pepper” (Simply Uda or Enge) - Remove the seeds & discard
•1 tsp. Ataiko
•1 tbsp Irugege
•2 Seasoning cubes
•1/2 teaspoon Native salt


Step 1: Wash the goat meat thoroughly, place in a pot and sprinkle a tsp. of salt and cook for about 15 minutes on low heat. Set aside to later use.

Step 2: Peel the yam and cut into two halves then immerse in a bowl of water and rinse. Peel and cut the plantain into three pieces then - set aside. 

Step 3: Place all the local spices (Iwo/Erhe (itshekiri), Gbafilo, Ataiko, Irugege) in the dry part of the blender and grind for a few minutes. 

Step 4: Add some water to the pot containing goat meat. Place on the burner and allow to boil for about 5 minutes. Add 1-2 tbsp. of the ground spices, uda, crayfish, pepper and crushed seasoning. Stir and taste the soup. Leave to cook further till you start to perceive the aroma

Step 5: Add plantain and yam. Add the lemon grass bunch then reduce the heat and allow the ukodo to cook for about 15 minutes. Discard the lemon grass bunch after this. 

Step 6: Transfer the Yam and plantain into a dish, then pour the liquid into another plate. Pour red palm oil into a small clay bowl and serve. The palm oil can also be mixed with the ukodo liquid and used to eat the yam and plantain or the yam/plantain could be dipped in the oil and eaten while the ukodo liquid is sipped like pepper soup. 

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  1. Ur making me hungry. Doin dis 2mao

  2. Chai and cold wan kpai me... I dey dey salivate sotay my belle dey sing. Nice one sis... Well done God bless your works

  3. This is no the proper way o prepare it

    1. Do you mind sharing your version with us?


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