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Vegetable stew with smoked fish

Devoured with boiled white rice, served with fried plantain and left over grilled chicken by the side, vegetable stew with smoked fish is the perfect lunch any day. When thinking of a meal on a budget, an easy dish that comes to mind for me is this stew. To be frank, i spent less than 500Naira on this stew which was made for 5. If that doesn't thrill you in this present economy, nothing else will. Apart from being nourishing, the burst of colors on the plate would tell you it's also fresh as well as healthy at the same time. I took the basic concept of the normal vegetable stew with egg served previously with yam and plantain, skipped the egg part and added shredded smoked fish after removing the little bones in it. For me, everything tastes better with smoked meat or fish....whayahsay :D.

How to make vegetable stew with smoked fish
• Prep Time:
20 minutes
• Cook Time:10 minutes
• Total Time: 30 minutes
• Meal type:  Side dish
• Misc:          Serve hot

• 5 Plum Tomatoes
• 1 Large sized onion 
• 3 Medium sized red (scotch bonnet) pepper "rodo" 
• 1 large bunch pumpkin leaves 
• 1 medium sized smoked fish (i used "Titus" also known as Mackerel) 
• 1 cup vegetable oil 
• 2 seasoning cubes 
• salt to taste 

Step 1: Soak the leaves in salt water for about 5 minutes then rinse severally with clean water - Chop and set aside. Rinse the tomatoes, onion and pepper - Chop and set aside. Remove the bones from the smoked fish, rinse and set aside. 

Step 2: In a large pan, heat up the oil for about 1 minute till hot. Add the chopped onion, chopped pepper and chopped tomatoes. Stir fry for about 7 minutes. Gently add the cleaned smoked fish, crushed seasoning cubes and salt to taste, stir to combine while crushing the fish with a spoon. leave for about 3 minutes. 

Step 3: Finally, Add the chopped pumpkin leaves and stir to combine everything. Leave to simmer for 5 minutes then turn off the burner. 

Your stew is ready. Serve with Boiled rice, yam, beans or potato. 

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  1. Making this today. Thanks dobs

  2. Great post, thanks so much for the share

  3. YumYumYum! Salivating seriously right now! I want!!!!!1

    1. you know you can have it anytime :)

  4. Just wow. I will make it. God bless ur hustle

  5. This looks nice. Pls can you do a post on different types of beans esp cajanus cajan? Thanks

  6. Ah!! Aunty dobby the food was AMAZE-BALLS. My kitchen game was so strong momsi asked me to make it again. If only I know how to smoke fish myself.. I've been a silent follower for a while now but this was my breaking point. I'll have my brother eating out of my palm after yabbing me for reading your blog. Ohshey!!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Jennifer. He's truly in for a big surprise ;)

  7. Definitely going to make this.

  8. Stumbled upon your IG page while cracking my head for dinner ideas and voila👏👌...needless to say it's an excellent meal one can rustle up on a whim and the best part?...Pocket friendly! ��. Thanks much for sharing!

  9. I always blend my tomatoes while making vegetable stew, I will try this method, thanks.


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