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Edible Maggots "Akpa, Ordon, Itun, Bayelsa suya"

Edible worms. I got 3 sticks for 600 Naira. 
On my way back from a recent trip to the east along the Delta - Benin expressway, i came across an edible worm seller. You should have seen the way i jumped down from the car i was in to purchase it from the roadside seller.
My very first encounter with this edible worm started a few decades ago when my grandma asked me to accompany her to the backyard in the village to fetch firewood for cooking. She wanted to teach her grand daughter who lived in the city some basic skills she felt she'd need. Off we went into the bush at the backyard to pick up wood. I remember the cool village breeze sweeping through my face early that morning. I had always loved adventures and doing practical things from a very young age so going off to get firewood was extremely exciting for me. She had lots of trees planted at the backyard especially palm trees which she harvested at the right time for palm oil so it was quite easy to find wood scattered around especially from the dead or felled palm trees. With the sharp axe she gripped firmly in her palm, she chopped the wood one at a time into smaller pieces and spilling out of a part of one of the logs of wood were edible maggots....lots of it. 
It was a sight to behold. We picked up the squirmy maggots and took them home in a little plastic bag. Back in the house, she roasted it over the bare fire attached to thin sticks with lots of pepper and salt. It was really tasty and new, i guess that's why the memory stuck like glue. Some people eat it raw but i personally prefer it roasted. If you love "Roundabout (intestine)", you'd love Edible worms. 

It is commonly known as edible maggots. it's yellowish in colour and sometimes white. It's quite rare to find in the city but if you really want to get it, you could seek the services of any local palm wine tapper around you. They are very skilled in detecting trees with good wine and trees infested with Larvae and they'd readily get it for you at a price.

Common names 

The Palm Tree Beetle Larva (Rhynchophorus phoenicis) is a tasty delicacy enjoyed by most indigenous people living in places where palm trees (oil, raphia and coconut)are found or cultivated. 
It goes by different names in regions where it's consumed. In the Niger Delta area and Eastern States of Nigeria, this larva is often a cherished delicacy. In fact, it is usually hawked along major roads and markets in Edo and Delta States of Nigeria.In Sapele, it is called known as edible worm or maggot. In Warri, it is known as "diet". In Benin, it's called "orhu", the Esans (Edo) call it "okhin", The Ibibios from Akwa Ibom call it "nten", the Igbos from the South Eastern part of Nigeria call it "eruru" or "akwangwo" or "nza", the Idomas from Benue state call it "eko-ali", the Isoko from Delta state call it odo, the Itsekiris from Delta state call it "ikolo", the Urhobos also from Delta call it edon, the Yorubas from the South Western part of Nigeria call it "awon" or "ekuku" or "ipa". 

How it is prepared and consumed

It is usually consumed either raw, boiled, fried, smoked and sometimes used in the preparation of stews and soups, as part of a meal or as a complete meal.

To prepare, the larvae is washed and attached to a skewer and a little salt and pepper is sprinkled all over the maggots. It's then grilled for a few minutes until it is properly cooked. A bite of edible maggots is really juicy. Tastes like Torzo or cow Intestines (roundabout)


The Larvae is said to be a great reserve of Protein, Lipid and Carbohydrate. It also contains considerable amount of minerals that includes: Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, Iron, Phosphorus, Calcium, Zinc, Fibre e.t.c. It's Usually served as a snack with palm wine or KpoKpo garri. What is it called in your region and how do you prepare it?
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Yummy Replies

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  1. eww! Just passing

  2. dobby nne,u just do me longer throat ooo,i just told someone how i missed these only to log on ur food blog to see it.

  3. Not sure if I will be able to eat this but I've heard people gush about how delicious it is.


  4. No way I can't try this one o. Choi I guess dobby got me by the mention of maggot.

  5. Thanks alot Ma, you have really helped put a smile on my face. Actually loved baking and cooking. but ever since i lost my parents in an auto crash, life has been difficult and all hope lost.
    Payn my fees nd lukn afta my young ones. Had no money to go to a catering school, no one to teach me. But was still hopeing that one day i would be a cateral and chef.
    But thanks to you i got nothn to worry about, all i do now Is read your article, go get them, and start making them out.
    Thanks to you, I can smile back again.
    Please just one more issue left, I am stil having difficulty in icing and decorating a cake. Would be deeply greatful if you would help me out.
    A deeply thanks to you.
    Do have a beautiful day ahead.
    Love you.

  6. where i come, people usually take it raw. they believe it is more better to take that way. But another interesting thing about it is the fact that it is putting money, good money in the pocket of people. Some eat, others don't. so look for those that eat, and sell. same thing applies in every other business.if this guys can succeed selling this, they can succeed in other businesses.


  7. Nice one.
    Chech this out www.dietherapy247.com/2016/05/31/good-sources-iron-readily-available/ common sources of iron


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