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GTBank food & drink Fair - Photos from the event (The Highlights -2016)

If you weren't at the just concluded #GTbankfoodanddrink fair, i'm afraid to say you really missed a whole lot. There were lots of people and loads of fun - the turnout was awesome plus, the venue was packed to the brim with lots of people from far and near, home and abroad. It really buttressed the known fact that nothing brings people together as much as food does. The fair simply gave people the chance to bond over food and network. The GTBank food fair empowered young startups and encouraged people in the food business to showcase what they do. Trust GTBank to deliver, everything was done with a touch of class and excellence. It was really inspiring.
Apart from the exhibition area, the master class chefs at the event were truly outstanding. They turned elaborate recipes into simple meals even laymen could make. The master classes featured culinary experiences from renowned International and Nigerian chefs such as Marcus Samuelsson (Chopped Judge), Raphael Duntoye (La Petite Maison, London), Tiyan Alile (Culinary Academy), Alex Oke (Alex Cooks Food), Gbubemi Fregene (Chef Fregz), Ozoz Sokoh (Kitchen Butterfly), Uzo Orimalade (Uzo’s Food Labs), Michael Adé Elẹgbẹdé (Chef Elegbede), Atim Ukoh (Afrolems), Iquo Ukoh (1Q Foodplatter). There was also a play section dedicated to children at the event, while Chef Uzo Orimolade hosted the “I can bake” Master Class series for them. The highlight of the event was the mother & daughter face-off between chef Iquo and Atim Ukoh were the winner got to walk home with an inbuilt confection oven while the runner up got to leave with a 5 burner range courtesy kitchen craft. 
Without further ado, here are the picture highlights from the event. Are you on instagram? follow me @dobbyssignature for live updates

Master Class with Chef Uzo Orimilade

Master Class with Chef Marcus

Master Class with Chef Fregz

Master Class with Chef Micheal Elegbede

Master Class with Chef Ozoz sokoh

Master Class with Chef Raphael Duntoye 

Master class with Chef Femi Oke

Master Class with Chef Tiyan Alile

Master Class Face off between 1qfoodplatter & Afrolems
For the Cook off, two main ingredients (Red cocoyam and smoked Mackerel fish) plus tomato, carrot, spaghetti and sherry mango were given with one surprise ingredient (Beetroot) which came later on.

Delicious cocoyam and fish cakes served with salad and spaghetti by Afrolems.

The winning dish by 1qfoodplatter; Baked mashed cocoyam with mackerel in cashew nut sauce & mango salsa + Spaghetti....Yummy!!!

Kiddies Arena at the Fair

Exhibitors At The Fair

@mazinoappeal right here was the man with the golden voice behind the #GTBank food and drink radio interviews. 
It's a wrap people!!!


  1. Wow,it really looked interesting with all the different features on food and the fact that the chefs gave a hands on how to prepare setting dishes. I wish the next event happens to come to the capital city Abuja. Crossing my fingers. Anyway anticipating the recipes of what was presented. God bless 😊

  2. These pictures are so tintillating Dobby. Looks like it was a great deal of fun. Congratulations to IQ & Afrolems....

  3. You really captured the essence of the fair. Great job

  4. Is this really naija? i'm impressed.

  5. My Beautiful Dobby!

  6. Very impressive. Will they be coming to Port Harcourt?

  7. Very nice pictures. I wish I was there...and I actually almost went but I got shy....*big grin*

  8. Beautiful pictures. For a rounded review of the Fair, checkout this post


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