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The “Food Revolution Day” is almost here and Waje, Chef Eros & British Chef Jamie Oliver have something cooking.

British Chef Jamie Oliver has come up with a way to have the longest ever Facebook Live event as part of his “The Food Revolution” campaign and music star Waje as well as Nigeria’s Chef Eros are going to be involved.
Scheduled to hold on Friday, 20th of May 2016, the 5th Food Revolution Day will see Jamie Oliver hosting the longest-ever Facebook Live campaign around the world.

The aim of Food Revolution Day is to encourage more people to sign up to and join the Food Revolution, and put pressure on governments to develop and implement plans that will tackle the child nutrition crisis.

Jamie, along with other famous faces from across the globe including Kris Jenner, Martha Stewart, Cody Simpson and more, will broadcast a series of 30-minute shows throughout the day on Facebook Live. The live streaming will start in London before moving on to Australia, India, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Germany, UK, Brazil, US, Netherlands and Canada, ultimately creating a 7-hour cooking marathon broadcast (including an International Omelette Challenge).

Waje will be hosting the Nigerian version of the 5th Food Revolution Day and Nigeria’s Chef Eros will be cooking up some nutritious delicacies at Dowen College in Lekki, Lagos.

Find out more about the upcoming event on www.jamiesfoodrevolution.org

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