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How to make Mkpurusu (Mgbam­­­­)

I remember the first time i tried lumpy egusi soup. It was yummy and i fell instantly in love. That's one of the fondest memories i have of one of my favorite aunties because this was her specialty. She loved making soups with lumpy egusi and had perfected the art so well, even better than anybody i know. Mkpurusu can simply be described as lumpy egusi balls. In the mouth, it makes you feel like you're chewing on some kind of assorted meat whereas, all you've got is this iconic condiment. It's quite popular in the eastern region of Nigeria and is used in making the tasty ofe mkpurusu or added to soups while cooking. Here's how it's prepared

Tools you'll need:::
• Mortar & Pestle

• 2 cups ground egusi
• 2 tbsp. dried ground pepper
• 1 medium size usu
• Salt
• Water

Step 1: Pour the egusi into the mortar and add two tablespoons ground dried pepper, usu and a teaspoon of salt.

Step 2: pound until the oil comes out and the mixture is well blended. Add water at intervals and knead gently with a pestle.

Step 3: Mould into small balls and add to the soup of your choice. It takes about 30 minutes to make mgbam.

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  1. Lovely!I've always loved this---we call it "mkporosi" in my area, a corruption, I bet,of "mkpurusu" which makes more sense,lol...it's one of my favourites,along with akara jiakpu and utara ukwa.You don't find them a lot in the local markets these days,especially the latter.Can't wait to try it...but have a question.What if you don't want to add it to a pot of soup?How would you cook it then?

    1. There are some types that are grilled/smoked and eaten. It's prepared the same way but instead of putting in the soup, it's eaten like that after being smoked.

  2. Abians especially Umuahians fave dish. For those who do not have the mortar/pestle, clean hands can also suffice. Dobbby, you didn't include onions (very important). The osu and water(warm) is also a determinant of how soft of hard it will turn out.
    Best made in Oha or Okazi soup. Yum!

  3. I like your recipe. I didn't taste this type of recipe. Looking so verity, I wish make like this. I am OOH Media Software worker; I have no idea to prepare this. Your given steps helpful but I need detailed cooking recipe. I am waiting for your response.


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