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Introducing MamaOnga – A Helper In The Kitchen And In Life Mamas Helping Hand

Some things never get old, the saying ‘’the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’’ is definitely one of those. In comes #MamaOnga, every modern day woman’s best friend. A helper in the kitchen, and in life. She exudes confidence in everything she does, she is a confidant, a friend, and the go-to person for all matters of life. She understands the importance of culture and tradition and never ceases to pass the message to all our followers.
ONGA – Mama’s Helping Hand was launched into the Nigerian market as a powdered seasoning brand in July 2004 as part of a business development/growth strategy in Promasidor Nigeria. The brand pioneered the powdered seasoning market in the Nigerian market and has since dominated the category with its three powdered seasoning variants – Onga Chicken, Onga Stew and Onga Classic.

Recently, the brand was launched in cube formats of two variants Onga Cube and Onga Chicken cubes which are available in 4g cubes each.

Follow and learn more from #MamaOnga online at www.facebook.com/OngaNigeria
Watch the full #MamasHelpingHand video at: https://youtu.be/bv9tjmsjRCw


  1. Nice Ad....e don tey

  2. Onga is sweet o. I recently discovered that. I never used to bother to use onga


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