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R.S.V.P. Lagos: Restaurant Review

Hi everyone! Hope you're gearing up for a nice weekend. Today on street foodie waka we'd be exploring a new place I'm sure you'll love. Not so long ago, i was invited to brunch at RSVP Restaurant and this was hosted by GTBank in preparation for the recent food fair just held alongside several other people and i couldn't help but let you all know how the experience was by doing a review on it since it had a lot to do with food. Eating out, trying new things, seeing and appreciating spaces are one of my favorite things to do away from working
.R.S.V.P. is a contemporary fine dining style restaurant in Lagos and is part of the new wave of dining springing up in most corners here in Lagos. They serve up Gourmet styled meals to their clients. The idea of a classy restaurant in the heart of Lagos doing sophisticated things is very attractive indeed. One step into the vicinity would tell your subconscious mind that it's the kind of restaurant that caters to a certain class of clientele. R.S.V.P. is French phrase, "répondez, s'il vous plaît," which means "please reply." Therefore, in a similar way with R.S.V.P restaurant, you've got to book ahead of time before going there.

The restaurant is located at 9, Eletu Ogabi Street, off Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. They've also got a number (+234(0)8186166666) to reach them on. 

The restaurant had a lovely classy interior with slow music playing on a loop in the background. It was mid afternoon when i arrived and the sunny sky outside gave the ambiance within the restaurant a really cool shade with natural hues and lighting. Although the dining room was sparsely populated, i heard it's usually fully booked at night. By the right hand side on entering into the place is the signature r.s.v.p chalk wall where they scribble menus for the day. It's also a good place to take a picture if you want a nice background. I had seen that chalk wall a couple of times in pictures taken by different people. 

During the day, i'd say it's a really nice place to have official meetings where deals can easily be sealed and at night i'd say it's a cool place for a soiree, romantic dinner or even a first date. 

Beyond that is the bar section of the restaurant which is located at the far end of the walkway. Although the sitting area for the bar isn't spacious, it's located at a good spot and they serve up a variety of drinks ranging from mocktails, cocktails to liqueur. 

At the bar, we all had different drinks but the go-to drink which topped the chat for most of the ladies in the room was Sweet berry. it's alcohol free and very tasty...a warning though, when you do get to try it out, don't sip too fast or you'd get brain freeze :).
Sweet Berry (Costs N3,000)
Moscow pony (Costs N3,400)
Naija spritz (Costs N3,000)
Old School Margarita (Costs N3,200)
Non alcoholic Sweet sunset was really nice (Costs N1,400). 
After hanging out at the bar we were led to the dining space, lit by a natural light from the ceiling. 

It started nicely with several choice savory starter courses which was chosen from the menu by everyone with no Naija food in sight. We waited for about 10-15mins before the meals arrived. In the end, we all did a mix-match by having a little bit of everything...kinda like a heart warming family buffet; comfort food for people who will never be discomfited by looking at the bill. A mix match up of just about everything from the Prawn tempura rolls, Crunchy calamary, Fish salmon fillet, Spicy calamary sizzle, chicken pops and Spicy hummus dip. I must confess, i really enjoyed the Fish salmon fillet, Spicy calamary sizzle and chicken pops....So yummy!

Prawn tempura rolls
Crunchy Calamary
Fish salmon fillet
Chicken pops
Spicy calamary sizzle
Spicy hummus dip
Mix-up Match-up
The Next set of meals that where slapped down on the table were the main courses. I had potato mash topped with braised shredded slow cooked lamb served off the bone with spicy tomato sauce. Some of the ladies in the room had suya glazed fresh salmon filet served with Asian style rice garnished with broccoli while a few others had the mushroom and truffle risotto. 

Potato mash topped with braised shredded slow cooked lamb served off the bone with spicy tomato sauce.

Suya glazed fresh salmon filet served with Asian style rice garnished with broccoli

The mushroom and truffle risotto

The waiters were really nice and the food came promptly. The food and drinks arrived in less than 20 minutes after being ordered and one of the managers even took part in serving most of the guests in the room. It was also obvious they cared about the overall customer experience because they welcomed every feedback both good and bad. It's really nice to know they cared more about tastiness and customer satisfaction than theater. 

Delivery service : Nil

From what i hear , R.S.V.P. has been open since November 2014. Overall RSVP is a great place. If you can afford it, it's the type of place in which to utter the words: “What the hell; hang the expense. It’s really good.” 
From the Ambiance, Drinks, Food & Service, it could easily be termed "Top of the line". 
If you've been to R.S.V.P, do share your experience by leaving a comment below. 



  2. Nice place and review but looks very expensive. Would look for a guy to take me there abeggiii.

  3. Nice review dobby. learnt a lot from your blog. Pls did uou pay service charge at RSVP and how many %.

  4. Julia Roberts9/12/2017 3:35 am

    Good post. Thanks for sharing!


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