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Top jollof recipes to make today

It's world jollof day everyone!!! Whoop! It was quite hilarious when foodies decided that the 22nd of August would be known as "World Jollof Day" just to put this iconic dish on the map and here we are celebrating this iconic dish on this beautiful day. For the love of jollof, i've decided to compile some of the top easy jollof recipes you could make at home today. When it comes to jollof, all you have are endless possibilities as i'm about to show you in this memory juggling post. If you've got jollof ideas, do leave them in the comment section.

Okay, the classic jollof rice tops the list as the jollof pioneer. It's the most popular type of rice cooked in most Nigerian homes and parties also hence the name "Party jollof rice". If you're ready to bring the party home, you could give this recipe a try by clicking HERE.

Want to add a unique coconutty flavor to your everyday jollof rice? Then you should give this recipe a try by clicking HERE 

Lets go all traditional in this one with Native rice. It's quite easy to make with easy to get ingredients such as palmoil, crayfish and a few other things. To make this today, Click HERE

Not all jollof recipes are made with rice e.g this beautiful spaghetti dish right here. Revamp your jollof game up by making this tasty dish today. Click HERE for the recipe. 

If you haven't tried this, i must say you are on a long thing. Like, where in the world have you been?Don't tell me you've just stuck to the tradional way of enjoying eko/agidi all these years...please snap out of it by learning to make agidi jollof HERE

What Jollof recipe will you be making today? 


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