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DS TV: How to bleach red oil (palmoil)

Bleached oil is one of the basic ingredients used in the preparation of meals like Obe ata iru, Ayamase and a host of others. Here's a quick video showing how it's done. 

Kitchen notes:
• PLEASE BE WARNED! Heating Palmoil above it's smoke point (Bleaching) is a very DANGEROUS process which requires the skills of an expert. NEVER OVERHEAT PALMOIL OR IT WILL "CATCH FIRE" (erupt in flames) which would result in serious BURNS.
• Once you're done bleaching, leave the pot covered for about 10-20 minutes to avoid choking and enable the smoke settle.

• Please note, Bleaching of palmoil is totally unhealthy. This is because, heating the palmoil above the smoke point increases the trans-fat levels thereby making it carcinogenic.

• Also, taking the palmoil above its smoke point reduces its nutritional value i.e The carotene contained in it which helps in the formation of vitamin A, an essential vitamin in the prevention of cataracts, muscular degeneration which is age related, free radicals which cause cancer. night blindness is depleted thereby making the body susceptible to these diseases.


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