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DS TV: Watch how to make efo riro (Yoruba style vegetable soup)

If you haven't tried this, you're really missing alot. Happy watching!
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  1. Good evening doobby. Nice blog. I have been running off to this place wen Eva I am done blogging.pls I am a blogger. Pls I'd like to chat with u. This is my email oladosurofiyat@gmail.com

    1. Hello Rofiyat, you could reach me on dobbyssignature@gmail.com.

  2. While u were serving, I kept saying ' ahn ahn, how many person wan shop ds food"
    U didn't mention d panla cos I saw panla in d vegatable...
    What is d name of d blender used and where can I get it
    U are doing a great job!

    1. Haha!!! I actually didn't eat this portion alone :).
      Yeah i noticed the mistake. Would look for a way to edit the video.
      I used Russel Hobbs mini chopper/ food processor. Most online eCommerce stores sell it.
      Thank you sexyboocalher :)

  3. Your pronunciation of shoko yokoto was quite good! Nice and great video to help people like us.


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