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Pecadomo Recipe Challenge: Banana Orange and Pineapple smoothie

Last Pecadomo Recipe Challenge: Monday 19th December- Friday 23rd December,2016
Banana orange and Pineapple smoothie made with Peak evaporated Milk. The yummy blend of fruits and milk will certainly keep you full and nourished. 

Here is what to do to take part
 in this challenge:

1. Go to www.peakmilk.com.ng/pecadomo/home to get the detailed recipe and full video 

2. Make your own version of Banana Orange and Pineapple smoothie with Peak evaporated Milk. You have to add your special twist to this recipe. I added honey to mine and it was really nice.

3. Take a creative picture showing you and your peak smoothie and the can of Peak evaporated milk. 

4. Send your picture with title ‘DOBBYSSIGNATURE’ to peakmilkng@gmail.com

5. The best 3 pictures for this recipe will be chosen . 

1st prize 
Deep Fryer. 

2nd & 3rd prizes 
Set of Cooking Pots. 

Final Winners will be announced Sunday 25th of December 2016. 

Winners emerge in the 5th and final week of the #pecadomo challenge. Congrats to the 1st prize winner Amen Ikokoh, Foluke alimi the 2nd prize winner and Adepeju Adekoya the 3rd prize winner. Winners will be contacted by the FrieslandCampina team to collect their prizes. Thanks to all the participants so far. Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Wow!I loved this.Easily one of the best blogs\ I found here.

  2. ugochucwu ejidike12/21/2016 7:33 am

    What's d effect of this recipe?

  3. Lolz.. Procastination will not let me partake in this competition


  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Pineapple smoothie great product, my friends are not rally like this product without trying but oneday i tried this my friends really like it and now they are also fan of this smoothie...


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