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Hey hey hey people!!! It's that time of the year again where we get to reminisce on your favorite posts of the year. As a custom on the blog, new years eve is a time to take a look back on how far we've come by going through the posts i enjoyed making and you enjoyed reading during the course of the year. These posts where definitely planted with good seeds and by putting them all together, it gives us an insight on the type of good seeds we should keep planting and the rotten seeds we'd totally get rid of in the coming year :). Want to know what lies in number 1? Scroll to the very end of this post. It's a real shocker i tell you. Now let's get down to business. Happy new year in advance. 

So you want to start a blog right? Not to worry, starting a food blog isn't rocket science like it might seem like. Click here to learn how

If you are a busy person, this meal plan would come in handy as well as help in taking the pressure away. Click here to download 

Imagine taking this with boiled white rice, served with fried plantain and grilled chicken by the side, vegetable stew with smoked fish is the perfect lunch any day. Click here for the recipe

I love taking this homemade hot bread rolls with pap, tea or coffee, cold beverage, stew or hot soup. I'm sure you'll love it too.You can find the recipe here 

I was intrigued by Black forest cake the very first time i tried it. It was soft and kinda melts in the mouth once it gets in. The flavors are also out of this world if you know what i mean. You can find the recipe Here

Asun never fails to impress anyday anytime. Click here to learn more

Okay so the year came with it's own food drama with the sudden rise in the price of tomato. Due to that fact, lots of people began to look for alternative "tomatoless" recipes. To view the list, click here

We've got our very own Naija pancake which most people make with lots of sugar and oil plus additional ingredients such as pepper and onion, Masa which is simply rice puffs but made in a special pan which makes it a pan cake, Crepes which is very flat and can be rolled or folded however you want and so on. But have you tried making the original classic pancake? You might need to check this post out

The iconic jollof has proven itself as the most versatile Nigerian meal to make. Add coconut jollof to the mix and you're good to go. Click here to learn how to make it

African salad never gets old. I've done a post on Abacha in the past with fried fish alone but this time, i decided to make a video instead especially for those who'd love to see first hand how it's done. Click here to view more

If you enjoy cooking with catfish (check out catfish peppersoup), then you will definitely enjoy this mouthwatering stew. Click here to learn more

Are you a real sucker for fried plantain? If you are then gizdodo would definitely mak your day. Click here to learn more

Urhobo wadoo!!!! Is it just me or did the weather get chilly all of a sudden this month. This is the best type of weather for one of my favorite south-south recipes....Ukodo. Click here to get the scoop

If you haven't noticed, there're only two types of sandwiches; the simple which is easily forgettable and the elaborate which would remain in your memory all day long. Add this to your menu today

Oh,my! If you have never tried making stir fried spaghetti with shrimp at home, you are on a long thing. This might sound like a very dramatic statement but really, you've just gotta try this. Click here for more

You might think you know everything about drinks in the Northern part of Nigeria but if you haven't heard of Kunu gyada then you're still scratching the surface. Click here to learn more

This was a quick meal you're bound to love. Click here to learn more

This is not your traditional fried rice. For this recipe which i'm sure you'd love, i skipped adding the traditional liver and used kidney instead. Click here to learn more

Now this isn't the average Nigerian soup which is taken with swallow but a sauce like meal often served as a first course, starter or entrée before a main meal. Click here for more

Here's why i love white soup; it's really easy to make. Just picture yourself making pepper soup with a few more additional ingredients added to it...Sounds easy doesn't it. Click here to learn more about this


  1. Happy New Year Dobby! Lovely please just come out with the book already am just drooling over this and I am jealous of your cooking skills.keep it up.

    1. Happy new year kemikane :). Don't worry, you'd be the first to know once it's out k :D. Thanks alot for the compliments.

  2. Happy New year dee. please continue the good work.

    1. Thank you Tola. Happy new year to you and yours :)

  3. ohh!Very Nice all dishes Very Good Blog for the making many types recipe .all recipe is super. I very interested in trying. Thanks.

    1. Thank you mukesh!Glad to have you here :)


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