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How to get ridged food shapes (Zig Zag)

Are you hosting a get together or party? Make it super fun by giving your meals a very nice ridged shape. I recently came across this zig zag cutter and i found it extra useful in giving meals that extra unique look. You could try it with fruits, vegetables and even pastries. I got it at the local market for just 200 Naira only and at the end of this post is a picture of the cutter. Here are some few ideas to get you started.

1. Ridged Plantain
Ofe aku served with rice and ridged fried plantain

Get your plantain whether fried, boiled or grilled looking really good by cutting it up with the ridged cutter. 

2. Ridged Yam. 
Ridged yam served with tomato stew and crispy fried drumsticks
Add a defined look to boiled, fried, grilled/roasted plantain by cutting it up with a ridged cutter. 

Fresh yam & Old yam

And here is what the ridged cutter part of the hand grater looks like. 


  1. Enter your comment...pls where can I buy d ridged cutter?

    1. Hi Anon 1:11 am, you could find it at Balogun market if you stay in Lagos.

  2. Hi Dobby, you are doing a great job.
    Trying your recipes makes me appear a super cook in my home. Thanks.
    Please where can one get the ridged cutter?

    1. Hi Anon 12:56 pm, thanks for the compliments. You could get it at the local market. If you stay in Lagos, You'd find it at Balogun market.

  3. I had see it once at the big sahad store in Abuja. Now I know what it look like I will get my own. Thanks Dobby truly appreciated

  4. You know I got it at Idumota market last year and it's been sitting in my Kitchen. I don't even know what to do with it until now. Thanks dobby.

  5. thanx dobby. i have this grater at home but never knew what to do with that part

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