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30 Popular Nigerian Snack Recipes

Hi there! So i decided to go through a list of popular snacks we enjoy here in Naija and i just couldn't come up with a favorite from the list. I mean, they're all good and all but picking the best out of the whole lot could be a really daunting task. In no particular order, here are the top 30 Nigerian snacks on my list. 

Buns are fried dough balls with a crunchy outer crust. Its quite similar to the popular Nigerian puff puff but less oily and densely packed. To learn more,Click Here

Thinking of a quick breakfast snack?I'm sure you'll love this tasty sandwich. Click Here to learn more

Puff Puff balls are soft dough balls which is quite similar to the popular Nigerian buns but softer and less densely packed. To learn more, Click Here

Did you know semolina can be used in making cake? Since it's mango season, i'm sure you'll love to give this a try. To learn how its made, Click Here

Chicken shawarma is a tasty sandwich wrap which is pretty easy to make. It's really similar to beef shawarma with the only difference being that chicken is being used instead of beef as it is in beef shawarma.

I love making this for breakfast and the aroma it leaves the house with is usually breathtaking. This i'm sure you'll love it too. To learn more Click Here

This crunchy golden appetizing snack would be a hit pretty soon on the family or party menu. Click Here to learn more

If you haven't noticed, there're only two types of sandwiches; the simple which is easily forgettable and the elaborate which would remain in your memory all day long. This sandwich right here is the type that remains in the memory for a long time to come. Click Here to learn more. 

Sweet, savory plantain empanadas are a delight for the whole fam every single time i make it. if you have a party, you can even serve plantain empanadas as an Appetizer. Click Here to learn more

Every now and again, whenever i get a craving for popcorn ad groundnut, all i do is pop some hot buttery salty or sugary popcorn in a pot on a stovetop.....Dazzal! Click Here to learn how to make popcorn. 

This roasted street snack has come a long way in the Nigerian food section. Click Here to learn how to make it. 

Need to try this popular crunchy snack of western Nigeria origins? Click Here

Aki (palm kernel nut) na ukwa (roasted breadfruit) is a popular snack of jaw breaking palm kernel seeds and roasted breadfruit which originates from the eastern part of Nigeria. For more on this Click Here

Sweet, crispy, spicy, crunchy......Yep! Those are the best words used to describe this tasty delight. This is one snack i always have tucked in my stash as it always comes in handy when i need to nibble on something. Click Here for more

Making this tasty unripe plantain chips snack is as easy as ABC as shown HERE

Nothing delights the tastebuds as much as this tasty snack filled with ground beef, vegetables and gravy. It's also one of the most common snacks sold in fast food restaurants here in Nigeria. Click Here for more

Don't know what to do with over ripe plantain? Make Plantain Mosa and you've got your problem solved.

Learn how to make the ORIGINAL shortbread biscuit which would make you wonder why you've been spending lots of Naira on the store bought ones. Click Here for more

Nigerian egg roll is a popular snack similar to scotch eggs but unlike scotch egg which is made with minced meat and egg , Egg roll is made from flour dough and egg. Click Here for more

Spring roll is a light, simple, yet elegant snack which could be placed in the Nigerian small chops category. Click Here for more

Want to make something exotic and different for the holidays coming up? Click Here

Apart from being simply delicious, making this biscuit is also pretty affordable and really easy to make as you are about to find out Here

You could sneak in these lovly doughnuts for breakfast or even to entertain guests as an appetizer. Me luvs it.....and i'm sure you would too ;). Click Here for more

The longer this cake stays, the sweeter it gets......That's what makes this one of the best recipes ;). Click Here for more

I don't think this snack needs any further introduction. Shawarma has got to be the most popular street snack almost everyone enjoys. It’s also pretty easy to make at home as shown Here

Samosa is a popular appetizer which has found its way into the hearts of Nigerians and its here to stay. During celebrations, it could be found in the small chops section and also always the first to be gobbled up. Click Here for more

27. Chin chin
Chin Chin is a popular crunchy deep Fried snack made primarily from flour, Sugar, Butter & milk. If you've got all the ingredients mentioned then you're good to go. Click Here

You’d have to agree with me that nothing screams “Its Saturday!!!!!!!” like a stack of pancakes with a cup of hot beverage by the side. Click Here to learn how to make this

Coconut candy is a classic Nigerian sweet treat which has been around for as long as I can remember. My escapade with this chewy goodness takes me way back in the days when it was sold in the streets for as little as 25kobo. Click Here for more

i made these cakes without an oven. Want to know how? Follow this link


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