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How To Make Coconut Flour - Gluten free flour, Nutrition.

White coconut flour
One of the reasons why i love whole fresh coconuts is because no part of it goes to waste. I must admit, in the past, processing coconut to me just meant drinking the juice for its amazing health benefits, extracting the milk for coconut rice, using the hard shell for DIY crafts but throwing away the by product which we refer to as "Chaff".
That was in the past though because what we usually refer to as unwanted chaff can actually be converted into coconut flour and used in making various delicacies. Today, i'd be showing you how to make coconut flour. About 2 medium sized coconuts can get you one cup of flour. 
Daily the popularity of coconut flour grows as more people discover the nutritional health benefits. Coconut flour is not like the normal flour we are all used to. This is because it is mad from coconut meat. Coconut meat is the white part of the coconut which you extract coconut milk from. Once you've squeezed out the coconut milk, the resulting by product is then sun dried or oven dried at reduced temperature before being ground into powdery form. This form what we call coconut flour. 
Brown coconut flour


Coconut flour is a healthy alternative to the usual all purpose flour. It is rich in fiber, protein and healthy fats. It is gluten free which means it doesn't contain gluten, a protein component which gives elasticity, strength and the ability to hold food products together. This makes it a favorite for dieters who want to get slimmer faster and also those who are sensitive to gluten or try to avoid any meal that contains gluten such as those with digestive problems, diabetes, vegetarians, celiac disease. 

Watch How To Make Coconut Flour


  1. Thanks for this info. Please can you post recipes on how to use this coconut flour for baking. Thanks

  2. What a wonderful coincidence. I just made some coconut flour myself. I followed your first method but now that it is all dried, I will grind it again using the small cup of my blender so it is finer. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Wow am hearing this for the first time,thank you so much. Pls can you post recipes we can use coconut flour to make.

  4. Thank you! I like to reuse or recycle almost everything so that nothing goes to waste. Is there some difference in the usage of this flour than the others?

    1. Yes there is. Since it doesn't contain gluten, there are several recipes which coconut flour can only be used for. Would put them up soon.

  5. Can you post how to make popcorn at home


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