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Watermelon Citrus Sangria

Are you having a fun and casual get together with friends pretty soon? Well i guess i've got the perfect solution to your cocktail worries. If you've never had sangria before then you're in for a very nice treat. It's a tasty alcoholic beverage made with a combination of wine and tropical fruit. Originally of Spanish origin, this cocktail punch is bound to liven up your party. 
For this particular recipe, i used a combination of watermelon, orange and mint since they're in season. You could add your own variation to it to suit your taste like adding more seasonal fruits or more wine. Enjoy!

How to make watermelon citrus sangria

• 1 bottle of white wine (Any kind you prefer)
• 6 cups watermelon juice
• 1 sliced orange
• A handful mint leaves
• Ice cubes for serving


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  • Calories per serving: 0
    Fat per serving: 0

    Combine every thing into a pitcher or large jug and stir to mix. The longer the fruit and mint soaks, the better the taste. 

    Serve with ice cubes. Feel free to nibble on the fruit and leaves as you go.


    1. Weldone dobby, plz name any white wine.

      1. Thanks Janet. There are so many brands you could use. Once you get to the wine section of any supermarket or mall, you'd find white wine. It usually has a clear "Yellow" colour.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. Ogidiagba Janet just head to any wine shop and ask for any white wine or you can google the vast pictures of white wine available.

    4. This is amazing.It is very simple and easy to make.I will try this.Thanks a lot for the great blog.

    5. Nice one. But I can i use non acoholic wine


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