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GTB Food & Drink Fair 2017 - Exclusive Photos & Highlights

The 2017 Edition of the GTB Food & Drink Fair has come and gone but the giddy feeling and excitement still lingers. I must confess, it was fun fun fun all the way with beautiful people all around. Did you miss the food fair this year? Sorry i've got to ask but, What the heck were you thinking?!...You definitely missed out on a lot of things. The turnout was just unbelievably incredible on day 1 & 2.
Day one was extremely hot but Day 2 was extremely cold, thanks to the heavy downpour which didn't hinder the turnout for even a second. The venue was jam packed to the brim with fun seekers from far and near who came to bond and network over food. The startups & exhibitors were extremely overwhelmed with the massive turnout and they just couldn't hold back the excitement. This year also featured a section for farmers. The GTB crew really overdid it as usual. 

Watch the whole action below
Apart from the exhibition arena the masterclass chefs at the event were truly AMAZING!!! They definitely brought out their A game by churning out different delicacies which different people got to try at the end of each class. The master classes this year featured chefs like; Chef Raphael Duntoye, Chef Brian Malarkey, Lerato Umah-Shaylor , Abiola Akanji (Chef stone), Chef Nkesi Enyioha, Tolu Erogbogbo (Chef Eros), Kevin Curry (Fit Men Cook), Chef Benedict Okuzu, Ronke Edoho (9jafoodie) & Jehan Powell. There were also goodie bags for attendees at the end of each masterclass. The Kids weren't left out as they were thrilled by their very own fantasy world. GTB took it a notch higher this year by making sure it was in a fully air-conditioned enclosed area. The hashtag for this event is #Gtbfoodanddrink just in case you want to view more highlights. Without further ado, here are the picture highlights from the event. Click here to view photos from #Gtbfoodanddrink2016

Masterclass With Chef Brian Malarkey

Masterclass With Lerato Umah-Shaylor 

Masterclass With Abiola Akanji

Masterclass With Chef Nkesi Enyioha 

Masterclass With Tolu Erogbogbo

Masterclass With Chef Raphael Duntoye 

Masterclass With Kevin Curry

Masterclass With Ronke Edoho

Masterclass With Chef Benedict Okuzu

Masterclass With Jehan Powell

Farmers Market 

Exhibitors At The Fair
5 Loaves Bakery

Restaurants at the fair
Afrolems at the fair

Andies Candies
August Secrets Baby Food
Sweet Kiwi Yoghurt

Oh So Nutrition


Yes Chili

Beautiful Sights At The Fair

Kiddies Fantasy World At The Fair


  1. I heard it was really nice! good pictures by the way.

  2. wow so lovely i wont miss year by God's grace.

  3. Keep this going please, great job!


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