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Portable Butane Gas Stove II Review

A few months ago, i purchased this portable butane gas stove. I was looking for something handy as well as portable enough for me to carry around whenever i needed a quick solution to my cooking problems. One of the things i was looking for was a non-electric cooker (just in case i had to go to a far away place with no electricity), A gas cooker (because it is cheaper to run compared to an electric cooker) and an easy to use and clean product. During one of my quick rounds in the open market, i came across this mini stove strategically positioned in the view of everyone who passed through the store. I couldn't help but pick one. I personally use mine for live outdoor and indoor cooking demonstrations of various recipes or techniques.  

Butane stoves are simple devices powered by compact gas canisters. It usually comes pre-packed in a black box which makes it easy to carry around. 
The gas canisters are usually bought separately and can be handy as well. The average running time for a full canister at a go is about 2 hours after which you'd have to replace the canister with a new one or refill. 
Talking about gas canisters, please don't get it twisted. The gas contained in mini canisters like this is "Butane" while the gas contained in bigger household gas cylinders is "Propane". Although propane and butane gases can both be utilized to heat fuel due to their similarities since they are produced from petroleum, they are different in some ways. However, they have some differences that may spell advantage or disadvantage depending on how they are used.


 The butane gas stove is a compact, collapsible, lightweight portable device which can be carried around easily as most units weigh an average of 5-6 pounds without the gas canisters. It can also be setup anywhere such as a mini table, a slab, on top of a rock far away in a forest e.t.c.

  Most of these stoves come with a built-in ignition system which eliminates the need to use match sticks or lighter. 

 The heat output is very similar to the traditional gas stove top


 The spark modulator / gas stove ignitor which turns on the burner when you turn on the lighting hob tends to malfunction quickly. This could be caused by moisture in the ignitor or food spillage in that section. 

 Compared to electric cookers in general which are more accurate, gas stoves are less accurate when it comes to calculating the temperature and getting more precise cooking results. 

You can only cook one meal at a time since it has only one burner. 

 Butane gas is generally more expensive cost wise (depending on your location) than propane gas which means you will be shelling out more cash to replace the canisters which run for about 2 hours maximum. Refilling the canisters could also be dicey as butane gas is less common than propane gas. Please don't put propane gas into a butane canister which cost extra money so you don't blow yourself up. 

 It's not suitable for cooking large meals whereby you'd be forced to place a heavy pot on the burner. This could be very dangerous as that could make the cooker explode due to overheating of the butane canister below it. 

Portable Butane Stove: N5,500
Butane Gas Canister: N600 each

What more can i say, i love this cooker because it serves me well and still does :)


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