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3 Easy Ways To Prepare Okra For Cooking

When people think of okra, what comes to mind is the little green slimy vegetable used in the preparation of the tasty okra soup. It's one of the common soups enjoyed by most people hence the reason why okra can be found in most places.
Once the vegetable is cut, you'd notice it's slimy texture. Due to different tastes, okra can be prepared in different ways to get the desired effect. The slim can be reduced or increased depending on how it's prepared for cooking. The more the slime, the thicker the soup will be and the less slime there is, the lighter and less viscous the soup will be. Here are some cutting tips to achieve the desired effect. Click here for more okra recipes

Method 1. Slice If you want a light soup which would be slightly slimy with okra bits to chew on then the preferred way to prepare the okra would be to slice it.

Method 2. Dice If you want a semi viscous soup which would be slightly thick with bits of okra to chew on, then the preferred way to prepare the okra would be to dice it.

Method 3. Grate/Grind The last method which is the most common method used by most cooks to get a highly mucilaginous "draw" soup is to grate or grind. Using this method would give you a very thick soup.


  1. Yea. I blend mine too. It's easier that way.

  2. Pls can you recommend a good food processor that can pound yam, dice and grate vegetables

  3. Really interesting post. I actually have not cooked any okra food before but this looks really nice. I think I am going to try it someday. thanks for posting, I have a lot of new ideas after reading your blog.


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