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Minty Cherry Milk Popsicle

My craving for ice cream intensified recently during the slight heat wave this month and i couldn't help but make this yummy treat to calm those nerves down. Did someone say adults can't have treats during their "adulting" years?...lol! puleeease. It's also a great treat for kids especially. This creamy cherry pops have a hint of mint with milk as the base. The hardest part of it all is waiting for it to freeze.

Watch the full video Here.

How To Make Minty Cherry Milk Popsicle:::
• Prep Time:
10 minutes
• Total Time: 4hrs or More
• Makes :       6 pops

• 2 cups Milk
• 1 cup Sugar
• 1/2 cup Mint
• 1 cup Cherry

Step 1: Heat up the milk and sugar in a sauce pan for about 3 minutes. Add the mint and let it simmer for one minute. Turn off the burner and strain the milk to remove the mint leaves. 

Step 2: Throw the cherries in a blender and add the milk. Blend till smooth. 

Step 3: Fill the Popsicle molds with the blend, add the sticks and freeze overnight. Enjoy! 


  1. This has got me a little confused!
    Is it milk in its powdered form? How about the sugar? I should have loved to see the pictures of every stage.

    1. Hi Lucia. If you've got powdered milk, dissolve in water. i've put up a video on this above.

  2. Please Dobby, What alternative can you use if I
    don't have access to mint leaves?

    1. Hi Nina. You could skip adding mint if you don't have

  3. versatileblog11/20/2017 2:36 pm

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