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Virgin Atlantic Menu: Check Out The Top 12 Meals You'll Find On-Board

For the best flight experience, it's no news that Virgin Atlantic is top notch. From the in-flight blockbuster entertainment movies to the comfy leg room to rest those long legs of yours throughout the journey, to the good looking elegant cabin crew who are always willing to help out with whatever you need and not to forget the complimentary in-flight meals. Speaking of meals, have you ever wondered what the Virgin Atlantic in-flight food menu looks like? Today on Foodie Waka, i 'd be showing you some of the things to expect once you fly virgin. 
At the recent unveiling of the new Virgin Atlantic menu which is switched every three months, we got first hand experience on some of the meal choices offered on board the aircraft. In recent times, reports have shown that the ratings of top airlines are partly influenced by the in-flight catering services being offered to the passenger on board the aircraft as well as the overall flight experience. This brings me to my next point...the in-flight catering. 
Watch The Action 

In conjunction with Servair Nigeria, one of the top airline food service providers in the industry, Virgin Atlantic brings this to life.During the tour of the Leading Pan African Catering Services FZE - Servair Nigeria we got to see the amount of work put in to ensure Product and process quality, catering quality, food safety + aviation security & Customer satisfaction is achieved. On arrival at the Servair venue and after rigorous checks at various security and quality control points we got an insider look at how things are done and i must confess, it is not a walk in the park. Due to confidential and safety reasons, we couldn't take pictures at the points where the real work goes on but i must say it was a great fun filled experience with lots to eat and drink. If you think catering is a walk in the park, you have no idea what you're really talking about till you get there. Since they cater to a whole lot of people from different walks of life, they take safety and quality control pretty seriously (hmm!!!...no be beans o!). Feed your eyes with some pictures i could sneak out for your viewing pleasure ;)

To begin, they just introduced smoov Chapman on board the aircraft as a way to give back to the Nigerian customers who ply the route.....Yayyy Naija! 
Virgin Atlantic offer free meals to customers in economy class going on select long haul flights. I did try most of the meals on the platter and i must say they were finger licking good. Most of the meals are basically arranged on trays and sandwich boxes. Since they are very concerned about the local taste, they try to take in account the local flavors fused with western choices to meet the needs of the customers. Unlike upper class passengers who get more meal choices, such is quite limited for economy passengers. Take a peek at the following images of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in economy class on board the Virgin Atlantic. Expect something similar to this to be served to you on the plane.

This can best be described as the all you can eat buffet (Technically). The deeper you dig into your pockets for maximum comfort, the more options you get on board the flight as most airlines are investing more in catering to premium customers who fly upper class. Take a peek at the following images of breakfast, lunch and dinner in the upper class cabin on board the Virgin Atlantic. 
This needs no introduction :) cos issa jollof and chicken affair.
This tastes like egg custard with some leafy vegetable stuffed within....yummy!

Tuna sandwich breakfast....yummy!

Raw Salmon....I absolutely enjoyed this!

Tomato soup and baguette 


Chef specials! Lovely...Both of them. There's also one called "Tiramisu"(Check the video). You'll love it. 

Cheese burger + Coleslaw + Plantain chips 
Suya!!!.....I tried this and it was good but not too spicy :(...I love pepper :D
Mashed potato served with spinach and braised salmon....I absolutely loved this!
Puff pastry pie....This was so good!

Samuel Lindfield (Head at Virgin Atlantic Airways, Nigeria & West Africa )

Amanda Okosi (Virgin Atlantic)

Tannaz-Bahnam (Founder- Lost In Lagos)
Chef Bernard Labouere (Servair)


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