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Cafe Neo: A Co-Working Space With Munchies - Review

In the heart of Lagos, somewhere in Victoria island is this mini cafe. Mini in the sense that it occupies just a small space within a mall. To be honest, i discovered this place by sheer luck. I had to work on my laptop and also use a restroom....Any restroom i could find.
I turned on my wifi to distract myself a bit and there it was on the list of available hotspots around the vicinity. mmmhhmm!!! a familiar name it was thanks to word of mouth from friends, and a perfect excuse to use their restroom for a minute so into the mini mall i went in search of cafe neo.  First things first, i had to take a leak. Was directed by the security guard and after about 5 minutes, i was done with that part and ready for the main business of the day. 
If you're looking for a place to relax, work and eat (The best part) at the same time in a serene environment then this would be one of the options you'd come across. Just like most cafe's (Very few in number here in Nigeria by the way),

Fourteen36 Mall, 1436 Sanusi Fafunwa St, Victoria Island, Lagos

The interior of the space was simply modest. The walls had some simple but beautiful soulful Naija art decor adorning the walls.
The cheerful "barristers"as they're called, manning the mini service counter greet me as i pass, and the waiter compliments me on my choice of juice in a way that makes me feel, comfortable, extremely nice.

For a place to pull in people during the week , they must be doing something right i guess. While i was there, a few people came in nibbled on some munchies while they worked on their personal computers and when they were done they found their way out. The space had an overall serene feel, the kind of place to enjoy your "alone time" while you work. 

They've got quite a lot on the menu, mainly snacks and drinks. The main beverage you'd find there though is coffee....a variety of coffee recipes abound there too. Ever heard of caramel macchiato? they've got it. Others include; Espresso, Cappuccino, Cafe latte, Cafe Mocha, Doppio e.t.c. 

Overall, i had a really nice experience. The frappuccino was really nice with less sugar. Perfect for a very hot day. This was sold for N1500. It went perfectly well with the buttery croissant sold there. Got that for about N550. 
Next thing i had was their prepacked fresh pineapple juice. This was sold for about N900. Perfect for a hot sunny day although it was obvious it had been in the refrigerator for about a day or two. This was obvious due to the fermentation process going on within. Not bad at all although it'd have been better fresh.

Customer service was great. i guess i'd give them an 8/10 pass mark. 
Yes they deliver

Overall, it's a really nice place to be especially if you want a quiet place to work and munch on something at the same time. 


  1. A cup of coffee in Nigerian cafes is expensive. Drinking coffee in such a place is a class affair. Home is the best

  2. A cup of coffee in Nigerian cafes is expensive. Drinking coffee in such a place is a class affair. Home is the best

  3. the cafe looks simply delicious. it would be interesting to visit there and try this great coffee


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