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Top Nigerian beverage drink list

Can you go a day without having something to drink? The answer is NO!. Just as food is important, drinks are also extremely important in satisfying thirst. Apart from water which is the universal drink accepted by all, i've put together a list of popular drinks you'd love. So in no particular order, here are the popular drinks you'd come across in Nigeria. Want more drinks to satisfy your thirst apart from those listed below? Click here to view all drinks & Beverages 

This is not your regular beverage. In the northern part of Nigeria, Furaa da no-no is quite common. it's simply a combination of fermented cow milk (Locally prepared yogurt) with ground millet mixed with a host of other ingredients and spices. Click Here for more

Rumor has that it was supposedly invented by a Nigerian bartender known then as "Sharpman" and later popularized when the coca-cola company & makers of fanta started bottling it in the early 90's hence the name "Fanta Chapman". Click here for more

Kunu Aya is a traditional creamy milk like beverage with a spicy nutty taste.....you'd definitely get hooked once you try it. In spain, tigernut drink is also known as "horchata de chufa". Click here for more

Pumpkin leaf "Ugu" juice is packed with loads of nourishing goodness your bound to benefit from. Click here for more

Kunu drink is a popular drink made from whole grains of millet and sometimes sorghum or corn. Its quite popular in most parts of Nigeria especially the northern part where it originates. It’s got a spicy, nutty flavor and it’s packed with nourishing vitamins and minerals. It’s also rich in protein and high in fiber. Click here for more

Zobo drink also known as Zoborodo or Hibiscus drink is a popular nutritious healthy drink to make at home. It's an Ox-blood or red wine colored drink made from dry petals of the roselle plant (Hibiscus sabdariffa) which is a hibiscus specie.Click here for more

Soy milk is a nutritious protein source because it has well balanced amino acid levels than other vegetable sources. it's rich in essential fatty acids, amino acids like lysine and methionine, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Click here for more

Kunun gyada is a popular Northern Nigeria drink. It's a gruel like drink consisting of rice boiled in groundnut milk. It is usually served in a bowl and more often drunk alone when prepared thin or eaten like porridge when prepared thick.Click here for more

Tsamiya juice is a popular drink in the Northern part of Nigeria. It is made with Tamarind, a fruit which is very similar to the tasty black velvet tamarind snack known locally as licky licky. Click here for more

Want a natural drink to make with ginger? Click Here

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