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Samantha's bistro & grill Lagos - review

Sometimes boredom could really be a great reason to explore new spots. This was what happened on this day so i decided to stop by the Samantha’s Bistro & Grill for an occasion. Finding the bistro wasn't difficult at all (thanks to google map). The compound where the restaurant is located looks more like an isolated shopping space. Very quiet i must add.
Samantha's bistro is a contemporary cafe style restaurant in Lagos. They serve up Gourmet styled home cooked meals to their clients.

Take A Glimpse

The restaurant is located at 2 Olawale Daodu (Webb Rd), off Kingsway road, Ikoyi. They've also got a number (+234(0)8186973369) to reach them on. 

The bistro has got an out door sitting arena & Village grill where they serve all kinds of grilled stuff. 
On entering the restaurant is the bar section with the bar attendants busily mixing stuff for an available customer. I love the graffiti on the wall at the bar section, it gives the whole restaurant an artistic vibe to it. By the left hand side of the restaurant is the kitchen which opens into the restaurant where orders come through and the right had side is the main restaurant. 
The restaurant had a homely interior which was well lit due to the sun rays streaming in through the closed glass windows. Really great ambiance i must say especially with the warm homely feel you get once you're inside. For a restaurant that makes you feel like you're home, it could be quite difficult leaving abruptly whenever you're there. Personally, this is the kind of place i'd love to work from at any given time.
Music, i love music especially their choice of slow music playing on a loop at the background. More of slow RnB and soul music on the playlist...not bad at all. Another thing i loved about the restaurant was the wall decor. The tables had these artistic chalk board menus on them. I must say, the creative director has got really good taste. 

They've got loads of drinks, too numerous to mention which costs about N2,000 each. My favorite though was the drink named after the owner "Chef dish". Absolutely tasty!

Pizza!!! Ever heard of plantain pizza? They've got it there. 

I dunno what this is called but it was absolutely delish! Tasted more like corned beef on toasted rosemary bread. 

Salmon gravy with creamy coconut rice. Costs about ₦4,500 bucks

Their BBQ chicken burger which is simply pulled chicken with BBQ sauce is one to try. Costs about ₦4,000 bucks. 

Rosemary Chicken baked to perfection 

This dense cake is worth a try ....Really delicious if you love sugary foods. If you're a fit fam fanatic, stay away cos it's loaded with sugar. 

Peppered gizzard and grilled chicken....Yum!

Overall i'd say he waiters were really nice! Food came promptly and they were really attentive to every order. I'd give them a 9 on a scale of 1-10. 

Yes they do deliver. Came up with the conclusion because i saw a bike man with a bike case at the back of the bike :)

Overall, it's a pretty decent restaurant. 

Samantha's Bistro & Grill
Samantha's bistro is a contemporary cafe style restaurant in Lagos. They serve up Gourmet styled home cooked meals to their clients.
Rating: 4

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  1. Edward Cross12/08/2017 5:38 am

    It was a wonderful chance to visit this kind of site and I am happy to know. Thank you so much for giving us a chance to have this opportunity!


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