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Cheesy Beef Pasta

If you're looking for a pasta dish to make without the use of tomato as in some other pasta dishes, then you need to try this out.
This creamy cheesy pasta dish is bound to make you coming back for more. Its a classic dish made with minced/ground beef and cheese then garnished with parsley. This simple dish is ideal for either lunch or dinner. It's also quick and easy to make as shown below. For this  recipe, i used rigatoni past but you can easily use spaghetti or macaroni if you don't have rigatoni. 


Cheesy Beef Pasta
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• 400g beef (minced/ground)
• 1 cup cooking cream
• 2 cups cheese (grated)
• 250g Rigatoni
• A handful parsley
½ tbsp. coriander
• ½ tbsp. curry powder
Salt to taste


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  • Calories per serving: 0 (N/A)
    Fat per serving: 0 (N/A)

    Step 1: Place the minced/ ground beef in a pan. Add the Salt to taste, curry powder & coriander. Leave to cook for about 3 minutes till the meat gives off its juice, then add water. Leave to cook further for about 10 minutes - Set this aside. 

    Step 2: Bring water to it's boiling point then add the pasta and leave to cook for about 5 minutes till its firm to the bite. Drain the pasta and set aside. 

    Step 3: In an empty pot, add the cooking cream , cheese and meat broth. Leave to simmer for about 5 minutes or till the cheese melts. Add the drained pasta and mix. 

    Step 4: Transfer to a baking dish and top with extra cheese then garnish with chopped parsley. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes at 440°F. 


    1. This looks nice. What cooking cream would you recommend?


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