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Leafy Moi Moi (Moin Moin in Leaves)

In the Nigerian local parlance, this type of moi moi is known as moi moi elemi meji or moi moi ndu abuo and here's why....it has got two lives in it, no jokes. It's got fresh mackerel fish and boiled egg within every wrap, just the way i like it.
Now let me ask you this - Are you a leafy moi moi type of person or a cup moi moi kinda person? Personally, i love moi moi in leaves because it has its own flavor but if there's no uma leaf available to wrap it up then i'd rather stick to cups. Also, i like my moi moi colorful and not brown so i always ensure i add some colorful peppers like tatashe and shombo to the mix...this brings out the color as shown in the pictures. Also for a smooth texture to be achieved, the whole mix must be ground till smooth. You can achieve this by using a good blender or a mill. Without further ado, here's how to make this dish.

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Leafy Moi Moi (Moin Moin in Leaves)
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•4 Cups Beans (White/Brown)
•2 medium sized Tatashe
•8 medium sized chili pepper (shombo)
•9 medium sized scotch bonnet pepper (ata rodo)
•1 medium sized onion (pureed)
•2 medium sized mackerel "Titus" fish
• Salt to taste
•2 Seasoning cubes
•½ cup crayfish
•1 cup vegetable oil
• Uma leaves (For wrapping)


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  • Calories per serving: 0 (N/A)
    Fat per serving: 0 (N/A)

    Step 1: The first step is to peel the beans skin. you can do this by rubbing the beans between the palms of your hand or simply use the bender method

    Step 2: Clean the fresh fish and place in a pot. Add blended onion, salt to taste and crushed seasoning. Add water and let it steam for 5 minutes. Once it's steamed, remove the fish from the stock (we'd be needing the stock so set it aside) and de-bone. Once the bones have been removed, mash it up. 

    Step 3: The next step is to place the beans, peppers and onion in a blender and blend till smooth. Add the mashed fish , salt to taste, fish stock, vegetable oil and mix. 

    Step 4: Get your uma leaves ready by washing thoroughly with clean water. Arrange the stems of the leaves at the bottom of the pot and add a little water. Fold the moi moi leaves as shown here and add about two spoons of the mixture in the folded leaves. 

    Wrap and place in the pot. Repeat till the whole mixture is exhausted then cover the pot and leave to steam for about 25-30 minutes befor turning off the burner. Serve the moi moi with pap, salad or any rice dish as an accompaniment. 

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