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5 Lucrative Ready To Eat Food Business Ideas

When it comes to the food industry, there's no shortage of ideas for foodies with an entrepreneurial mindset . One of the quickest ways to make fast money in the food industry is by concentrating on the ready to eat consumables. Keep in mind that the compulsory basic needs of the average human includes food, water, clothing and shelter, with food being the most important.
Therefore, there can NEVER be a shortage in the demand of food. This is one of the reasons why i love exploring and observing during food fairs or occasions which brings foodies together. As an observer during the GTB food and drink fairs, i've got to watch some of these popular meals get zapped up within minutes and in a space of 2-3 days i got to see most of these vendors go home with bags full of cash after days of non-stop hard work and smiles to last for a long time to come. One of the things i noticed is, the niche within the food business that makes more sales and gets more crowd is the ready-to-eat niche. Want to find out the most popular ready to eat food business, keep scrolling. 

Watch the highlights from the GTB fair 2018 to see the different food niches and businesses currently making waves.

5. Quick Snacks

From small chops of various types like puff puff, buns, spring rolls, samosa to plantain mosa properly packed in little take away plates, the snack business is one which you can run even during your spare time and get lots of customers to buy up the whole goods. The best part is, you can never run out of orders.

4. Cakes & Desserts

A foodie gathering is simply incomplete without cakes and desserts. If you're in this niche, then you can't run out of customers. From pancakes of various types to waffles topped with ice cream and syrup to truffles to parfaits to mousses to sweets like cotton candy....just name it.

3. Local Dishes

This is no brainer. In a gathering of food enthusiasts, Local delicacies have to be in place because that's the major thing some people come to try out. From soups with swallow, to stews with rice dishes, to local appetizers, this section of the food business is one that never lacks customers.

4. Barbecues & Grills

This section is a very quick money spinner i tell you. There's this thing about proteins that draws people in. From grilled/barbecued fish, Lamb chops, turkey wings/laps & breasts, Suya (Chicken / Beef). Go the extra mile by pairing the protein with other grills such as corn rubbed with butter, boli, roasted yam or fried chips

5. Drinks

Now this is the holy grail. Most people come to food gatherings really thirsty and dehydrated especially if it's really sunny and blazing hot outside. What do you thing they'd look for first ? Well you guessed right....A drink.....A COLD DRINK. This could range from Ice Creams to Shakes to Cocktails to Mocktails and a host of others just to quench that thirst.


  1. I totally agree with this list. I want to go into quick snacks

  2. Pls can you teach us how to make yorgurt, God bless you work Maam.


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