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Sausage Noodles

What's the fastest meal that comes to mind when hungry? Yep! you guessed right...Noodles. It's really amazing what one can do with noodles. For this quick and easy recipe, the main extras are the chopped bell peppers and the smoked sausage. To give it the ridged look, i made use of a ridged cutter. Now this meal is easy and straight to the point, so lets get started.

Sausage Noodles
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1 Pack Noodles  
1 Sausage (I Used Smoked Sausage) - Chopped
• Red bell pepper - As Desired
• Green bell pepper - As Desired


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  • Calories per serving: 0 (N/A)
    Fat per serving: 0 (N/A)

    Step 1: Bring 2 cups of water to its boiling point and add the noodles. Leave it to cook for 2 minutes then drain off the water. 

    Step 2: Add the oil into the pan, then pour in the chopped sausage slices, peppers and stir fry for 30 secs. 

    Step 3: Add the seasoning and drained noodles. Stir fry and leave to simmer on low heat for 1 min. Turn off the burner and serve hot. Enjoy!

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