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Prawn Coconut Rice

Rice dishes could get really boring especially when you're making Coconut recipes like prawn coconut rice. Now there are different ways to make coconut rice. You could make it as plain as the Classic coconut rice, you could make it with shrimp as shown In this shrimp coconut rice, you could make it in form of jollof rice as shown in coconut jollof rice Or you could simply customize your ingredients to suit your taste as shown in the brown coconut rice.
For this particular recipe, i used fresh deveined prawns with long grain rice. The long grain rice has already been parboiled therefore, it has less starch within and doesn't require extra parboiling. To add a pop of colour to your coconut rice, you could use different colorful vegetables. Now the main protein used in this dish is is prawns. There's this amazing taste  the shelled crustaceans gives to meals that i really love. Without further ado, here's how to make prawn coconut rice. 

Prawn Coconut Rice
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2 Cups Coconut milk 
3 Cups Rice
• 250g Fresh Prawns "deveined"
12 Cups Stock (prawn, meat,fish e.t.c)
• Salt - To taste
• 4 Cloves Garlic
 1 Cup Sweet Corn
• 1 Cup Green peas
• 2 Medium sized Scotch Bonnet
• Medium sized Green Chillies
• 5 Small Carrots
• 2tbsp. Cooking Oil

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Calories per serving: 0 (N/A)
Fat per serving: 0 (N/A)


Step 1: The first step is to add the cooking oil into the empty pot. Next Add the minced garlic and stir fry for 1 minute before adding the deveined prawns into the pot. Add Salt to taste, then flip the prawns. Let it to cook for about 2 minutes on each side, remove from the pot then set aside.

Step 2: Next, you add the stock into the pot and let it boil. Next, you add the rinsed parboiled rice and coconut milk. Mix, then add salt to taste and water. Cover the pot and leave to cook for about 15minutes till the water dries up in the pot.

Step 3: Now its time to add the veggies and other ingredients. Add the chopped carrots, sweet corn, cooked peas, chopped green and red chillies, then mix. Finally, add the cooked prawns into the pot and leave to simmer for about 1 minute and your prawn coconut rice is ready.



  1. Hi, please what do you mean by deveined shrimp?

    1. to remove the veins from the shrimp


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