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Foodie Waka Upcoming Events

Got no place to go this weekend? Don't worry, Foodie Waka has got you covered. From Unlimited brunch and mimosas by Heels In The Kitchen to The Burgundy by Chef Stone, this weekend is jam packed with fun fun fun all the way. View details below. 



Here's What you need to know about the event:
  • There’s no drink limit. You can drink until the drinks run out so you should probably have an uber on standby.
  • You can’t “order” a particular main. The food will come out canapĂ© style so you can stuff yourself as your heart desires. Maybe you can get a waiter connect like old women do at weddings
  • There’s a time limit but there also isn’t a time limit. To avoid overcrowding, you might get asked “how far?” after like 2 hours.
  • If you have allergies, have a look at the menu ahead of time. 
  • If you paid via transfer, you might have to identify yourself with your transaction alert. Maybe next time you’ll pay online, you stubborn traditionalist!


Here's What you need to know about the event: 
  • The most Exclusive dinner this year is coming to Lagos on the 30th of September.
  • Chef Stone’s ‘The Burgundy’ is redefining food as we know it and bringing lots of firsts in Nigerian dining concepts. View Menu Below
Strictly by Reservation
Call : 0705 242 9435
0706 356 3863

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