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Blendo Yam - Pounded yam in blender hack

Blendo Yam is the name, Pounded yam is the goal 😁. It's amazing what you could come up with when adding modern twists to ancient meals. So far, there have been different cooking hacks to help ease the stress of pounding yam e.g pounded yam in a blender or food processor or drying and converting yam into powdered form.
Today, we've got a new hack and it's known as "Blendo Yam" and as the name implies, it's processes in a blender. There are several ways to make pounded yam and this is sure part of the list. Okay, I'll admit it right now, this method is for lazy peeps that don't like hard work like pounding e.g moi. Plus, it really doesn't taste exactly like the real pounded yam but works as a perfect substitute just like the powdered version known as poundo yam. This idea came after doing the plantain swallow here and it worked...hehehe!!!

How To Make Blendo Yam
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3 Thick Slices Yam
 1 Cup Water

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Calories per serving: 0 (N/A)
Fat per serving: 0 (N/A)

Step 1: Peel the yam and chop into smaller bits. Place in a blender, add some water and blend till it forms a smooth paste. 

Step 2: Pour the blend into a medium sized pot and on medium heat, turn the yam puree in the pot with a wooden spoon. Keep turning for about 3- 5 minutes till it thickens and to prevent it from burning underneath. 

Step 3: Once it solidifies, Scrape the yam from the sides of the pot into the pot, add about 1 cup of water and cover the pot. Leave to cook on low heat for about 10-15 minutes. Once the water dries up, mix the yam once more with a wooden spoon and your Blendo yam is ready. Serve with your favorite soup. 

Kitchen Notes:
There are different species of yam and some are to turn brown when it sits for a while. This is quite normal and not dangerous. In-fact, the brown yam is what we enjoy as Amala and Browning is caused by it's oxidation with oxygen in the air. The older the yam, the sweeter it becomes and the less likely it is to turn brown. This is why newly harvested yams are stored in barns to enable the conversion process of the starch within the yam to sugar. 


  1. Peculiar article, just what I wanted to find.

  2. Just to be double sure please, you didn't boil the yam before blending right?

    1. No i didn't. The yam was just peeled and placed in a blender

  3. Thanks for finally talking about >"Blendo Yam - Pounded yam in blender hack" <Liked it!

  4. The way God will bless you because of this blendo yam receipe enh...i must try this abeg

  5. Thank you. Please upload slower videos on here or YouTube. It'll help grow your AdSense income.

    1. Hi, to watch slower tutorials and more you could sign up at foodbrella above.


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