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Easy Sardine Sandwich

Sardine sandwich is a tasty breakfast meal or snack you should try. It's simply a combination of ingredients such as eggs, lettuce, tomato, onion and of course sardines sandwiched between two or more bread slices. If you don't like onions in your sandwich, you can substitute with something else such as cucumber. I really enjoy making this and i'm sure you will too. 

Sardine Sandwich

• 3 Eggs
• 4 Sardines
• 1 small onion - Chopped
•1 small tomato - Chopped
• mayonnaise - as desired
• a pinch pepper - Optional
• 1 bunch lettuce
• 10 bread slices

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Calories per serving: 0 (N/A)
Fat per serving: 0 (N/A)

Step 1: Place the eggs in a pot of water and boil till hard. Place the boiled eggs in cold water to enable the shell come off easily. Peel off the shell and place the eggs in a bowl. 

Step 2: With a fork, mash the eggs. Add the sardines into the mashed eggs and mash also. Add the chopped onion, tomato, mayonnaise and pepper. mix everything together. 

Step 3: Spread mayonnaise over the top of one sliced bread and place the lettuce on it. Scoop the sardine mixture onto the lettuce on the bread and cover with another lettuce. Spread mayonnaise over another slice of bread and cover the sandwich with the mayonnaise part facing down.

Step 4: Divide the sardine sandwich into 2 or 4 parts and serve with your favorite beverage. 


  1. I just tried and it's awesome���������� thanks so much

  2. I tried it this morning and it was amazing...everybody that ate it was marvelled

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