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Dobby's Signature Kitchen Haul 2019

So recently, i got a kitchen make-over deal to change some of my kitchen utensils and appliances in partnership with JUMIA, an online shopping platform and i must say the whole process was simple and way easier than i imagined. Believe me when i say, shopping online could be fun and hassle free especially when you know where to look. My goods came Here are some of my top kitchen hauls for the year. 

Watch The Unboxing Video Below

1. Food Processor
I must say, a food processor is definitely a must have kitchen appliance to have. When you get a good one, your kitchen stress gets cut into two automatically. This is one of the reasons why i picked this kitchen processor first. It has a juicer, an extractor, slicers and choppers, blender, whisk, mixer, grinder and can be used for a whole lot more like pounding yam. 

2. Induction Cooker
I love induction cookers mostly because of its aesthetic appeal. It's also flat which makes it really easy to clean up. Since i do lots of cooking videos and content creation, i had to pick a single burner cooker which would easily fit the frame in the videos. When i picked this product, it came with the pot. That's definitely a win win for me ☺. 

3. Adjustable Cake Molds. 
Now the regular cake pans work fine but these work even better. This design comes with a belt like latch which could be opened and locked to help with easy removal of cakes when baking is done. Definitely better than the regular

4. Pot Set
The first thing you'd notice about this pot is the glossy colour. It just pops and makes you want to cook something in it right away. This is one of the reasons why i picked it and it looks like i'd really enjoy using it. 

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