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Bread Fruit Recipes
 Ukwa Na Onugbu Porridge
Some people would argue that cooking ukwa the authentic traditional way is to mash it up and serve it with the liquid (ukwa agworagwo), some others would prefer it cooked plain also (without oil) but not mashed 
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• Jollof Ukwa (Breadfruit porridge)
Breadfruit porridge (Ukwa) is a popular Nigerian dish which originates from the eastern part of Nigeria. It is prepared with the seeds of the Breadfruit “Treculia africana”.
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• Ukwa (African Breadfruit)
One of my favourite nigerian dishes is Ukwa(Treculia Africana)which is the seed of the African Breadfruit. It's unique in it's own way and the taste is "fantabulous".
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Black eyed beans recipes
• Honey Beans & Yam Porridge
I wonder how that quote came about. This is what i think it means though; Just throw all the ingredients into the pot and let it cook.
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• Frejon Recipe - How to make frejon
It's the holy week in the christian almanac and there are certain special meals prepared during this time of the year. Frejon adapted from Feij√£o, which is the Portuguese word for beans is one of those meals. 
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• Danwake (Bean flour Dumplings)
Danwake is a meal made from cooked balls of dough made from bean flour and kuka powder (ground baobab leaves). 
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• Miyan Wake - (Northern Bean Soup)
That soup is Miyan Wake...the Northern bean soup. It's very similar to the western Nigerian gbegiri soup but with a slight twist due to the ingredients used in the preparation.
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• Gbegiri soup recipe (Beans Soup) - How to make Gbegiri
 Once in a while, i'd often find myself in the kitchen doing the dishes or peeling beans skin for gbegiri or akara
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• How to make Akara (Bean cake)
 Akara (Bean cake) is a deep fried meal made from ground beans (Black eyed peas) and a host of other ingredients.
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• Ewa agoyin Recipe
Mashed beans with a tasty sauce. Like the sound of that? 
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• Adalu special (Beans and corn Porridge)
Beans porridge is a simple one pot meal enjoyed by most people. 
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• Hausa Koko and Kose (Akara & millet pap/porridge)
On this particular day, the kitchen meal on camp was Koko and kose. 
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• How to Make Nigerian Moi Moi
Steamed bean pudding recipe. 
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Soya Bean Recipes
 Blueberry soya milk smoothie
This is a delicious healthy smoothie you can take in the morning. it's packed with nourishing vitamins your body needs for a great start. 
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• How to make Homemade Soy Milk
Most times when i make soy milk, i make it traditionally in my kitchen from scratch. 
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Cow Pea Recipes

 Ayayara oka (Steamed maize with Cowpea meal)
Ayaraya oka is a meal made from a blend of cowpeas (Vigna unguiculata) with slightly ground maize (Zea mays) and vegetables. 
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Kitchen Hacks
 How to remove Beans Skin Using a Blender (Video)
This method would definitely come as a relief to most people who find the traditional method of washing beans tasking. I've also got the full video on the process below.
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