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Moi Moi Recipes

Moi moi (Moin-Moin) is a savory steamed dish made mainly from beans and often served as a main course meal.It's a protein rich meal prepared from a combination of beans, palm oil, peppers, onion and a host of other ingredients. It's usually prepared in Uma leaves.It is best enjoyed with any sweet porridge such as pap or drinking garri. 

Containers used in preparing moi moi include:::

♥ Uma leaves
♥ Aluminium tins/ saturated milk cups
♥ Moi moi bowls
♥ Aluminium foil/plates
♥ Nylon bags

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Agidi could be referred to as Nigeria’s wobbly Jello like meal. It’s prepared just the way pap is with just a little difference. Once you’ve prepared your pap from scratch or probably bought the wet corn starch (pap/ogi/Akamu) from the market then you are ready to make Agidi. If you are outside Nigeria, you can make use of corn flour to get the same result. 

The very first time I heard “Agidi jollof” was at a friend’s place. Her mum had just finished preparing lunch and when it was time to eat, I was like “Choi!!! Naija people don come again with their potty :s…which one come be "agidi jollof" again na!?(In my mind though…hehehe!!!!)”.

In response to your requests in my previous post, i'd be sharing with you "How to make love shaped Agidi/eko". I got the fabulous idea to make love shaped Agidi (or Eko) while trying to fill my heart shaped ice block moulds with water. When i got the mould, it never occurred to me that it could be a multipurpose house hold item especially for food craft. 

Do you throw away overripe plantains? If you are one of those that do, i'm sure after this post that'd be a thing of the past. Ukpo Ogede "Plantain Moi moi" is a popular dish in the eastern part of Nigeria. it's a sweet savory steamed dish made with over ripe plantains especially those with black skins (As long as it isn't rotten on the inside) so they don't go to waste.

How to prepare Moi Moi Leaves
When preparing moi moi, nothing tastes as good and original as moi moi cooked in leaves. This is not limited to cooking in Uma leaves(Thaumatococcus Daniellii) alone but also banana leaves and other types of leaves. Cooking moi moi in Uma leaves tend to add a unique flavor to the dish.

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