Thursday, 12 December 2013

Check Check Fried rice with Shitto, Crunchy Chicken & Coleslaw

Check Check joints are roadside Kiosks where young men dish out quick foods popularly Known as "Check-Check" to hungry customers. Check Check fried rice is the popular street name for the Combo of Ghanian fried rice, crispy chicken, coleslaw and Shitto(Ghanian dark pepper sauce) pronounced "She-tore?".

I stopped by the kiosk of a popular CC street vendor known as jay who runs Sunkwa Fast Foods to get this meal. The fried rice was prepared with Jasmine rice and topped with shitto (Ghanian dark pepper sauce), the coleslaw was simply made with chopped cabbage,carrots & lettuce Topped with ketchup and mayonnaise served with Crunchy chicken.
I must say I really enjoyed every bit of it (Got extra Chicken, ketchup & mayonnaise too.....hehehehe!!!*Awwuufff!!!* :D) but Personally, I'm still trying to get my palates adjusted to enjoying perfumed rice such as jasmine and basmati rice as much as i enjoy other types of rice.
That's probably because I really don't like when I have to break lumps of rice....that's just too much stress for one person. After All these meals i got to eat to my satisfaction, i'd have to say ghana is a place i'd really love visiting again and again and again. So whenever you get to find yourself in ghana, do take out time to explore these meals aii' :).


  1. Dobby I wonder how ketch up and mayonnaise will taste on salad. I can see u are having a swell time. When is the wedding? Have fun

    1. Surprisingly, it tasted really good :). i sure did, back now. Thanks Nenye.

  2. Looks good!

  3. Oh my! Loving the Ghana street foodie series paaaaaa


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